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No Classes until Sunday, March 29


Talent Forum has been carefully monitoring the spread of COVID-19, and we have decided to suspend all classes until after our Spring Break which is until Sunday, March 29. This decision was not made lightly, and we are acting in accordance with the decision made by the State of Illinois to keep our staff, and students safe and healthy. 


Hopefully this date maintains to be our return to classes. But, I always say you can only count on change, and change will only be if it is in the best interest of our dance family. As Spring Break is the second week, we are only missing 1 week of dance. To make-up for this our season will be extended by one week. Friday, June 5- Thursday June 11. We have always been told it would be nice to be able to share with their teachers and dance friends after the recital, and now they can. 


Please know that we want our dancers time at home to be fruitful. Encourage stretching, doing ballet barre work, across the floor movement, and running through performance dances. Let them entertain you! Hopefully you can find a little place for them to express themselves. Help them find the artist hiding inside by suggesting they find a piece of music that they love, and they make up a dance to it. Also, we are working on making video clips available on our for practice purposes. We will be posting warm ups, technique instruction, and new combinations. Their dances should already be up for them to review. WE’LL KEEP YOU POSTED ON WHAT WE POST!


I have always felt that I have guardian angels, and they have truly come through for us! On our season calendar 3 recital dates were scheduled instead of the usual 2 days. Well HALLELUJAH, that extra day is now all for DanceScapes, the show that was suppose to be tomorrow.  It will be at the same venue, with the same fabulous dances. The programs are ready, light cues are designed, and everyone has seats. Most performances that were canceled don’t have this blessing!

Please be safe and stay healthy. May this be a time of love with your family. We miss you already,

Shelley Hoselton, Owner/Director