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Covid-19 Plan & Procedures

We now have official guidelines in place for those attending classes in the Talent Forum studios. The plan was presented to the Mayor of Libertyville, and the Lake County Health Department and approved. We have adhered to CDC, Federal, State, and Local guidelines and recommendations.

Summer Classes Open for Registration

Visit the Summer Classes page for more information about the schedule and registration.

Important Updates and Event Rescheduling

We will continue to post important updates on the website. To keep up with the most recent classes and health updates, visit our new NEWS page.

Find Your Dance Track

What kind of dancer are you? Learn more about your path.

Talent Forum Kid Parties

Invite up to 25 of your child’s best friends to dance the day away!

Dance Attire Available

Proper dance attire is available and essential to receive the full benefit of your dance classes.

The Pilates Workshop

A Classical Pilates Studio for private lessons on the Reformer, Cadillac and more.

Spread The Love

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Music Masters

Music & Movement, Rhythm & Readiness, Purposeful Play

Try Our 8-Week Intro Program

All of our classes run for a full season from September through June, but if you are not sure that dance–or our studio–is what your child is looking for, try joining us for an introductory 8-week program.* Sign up for only the first eight weeks of any class without committing to the entire season. Then decide if we are the right fit for you and your child. Try us! You’ll like us!

We know that running an entire season, September through June, benefits all of our dancers. If new students began in the middle of the season (second semester) it would force your child into unnecessary review, and decrease the constant build through the year, as evident at both our March showcase and June recital. For this reason, the 8-week introductory program is available at the beginning of our season only!