June Recital 2020

TALENT FORUM “Don’t Stop Me Now” 2022

Libertyville High School
Dress Rehearsal & Recital Information

Tickets: On Sale May 7th at 10:30am ($18.00 + $1.80 Online Fee = $19.80)
Purchase ONLINE at https://www.danceticketing.com/27966/, No Limit.

DVD: DVD $38 each & Blu-ray $43 each will be made available for each show. A purchase of more than 1 show will receive $5 discount on order. A QR code to purchase will be provided soon. Pick up will be at the studio approximately 3-4 weeks after the recital. You may have them mailed for a $5 fee.

Dress Rehearsal

Sunday, Monday June 5th and 6th
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Pre-Show June 7th, 8th, and 9th

  • Dress Rehearsal is MANDATORY.
  • If you are not present at Dress Rehearsal the piece will be re-staged and you will not perform.
  • Dancers must be ready to be on stage 15 minutes before scheduled time.
  • Arrive in costume with hair fixed and light makeup completed.
  • No jewelry, fingernail or toe polish, stick-on tattoos, or stickers.
  • Expect to invest 90 minutes of time to accomplish goal.
  • We do catch up so do not leave or be unavailable even when we run behind.
  • Dancers cannot leave until excused by Shelley.

Personal Photos and Video

  • Only 1 parent per dancer will be allowed in the theater during dress rehearsal.
  • Personal photos and videos may be taken during rehearsal. DO NOT post on social media until after the final performance on Thursday.
  • There are absolutely NO photos or videos allowed during a performance!

Parent Helpers Needed

Sign Up with Fran Today!

  • Parent Volunteers are a vital key to the success of our show to ensure the safety of our dancers.
  • Receive FREE registration ($30 Value) for the 2022-23 season for your service.

June Recital 2022

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday June 7th, 8th, and 9th @ 6:00PM
DANCERS CALL TIME – 5:00PM at Libertyville High School

Show dates can be found in the right column of rehearsal schedule. Show Order has not been released at this time.

  • Dancers must arrive for their 5:00 pm call time unless they have a preshow rehearsal. Pre-Show rehearsals are listed on the Dress Rehearsal Schedule.
  • Once Show Order is released, please review so dancers are prepared for quick changes. Please alert Shelley if you have any "back-to-back" routines.
  • For the security of our dancers the Talent Forum Policy requires that all dancers are required to stay until after the show end finale. Dancers will be released from the dressing rooms once the show finale is completed.
  • Personal devices should be silenced and out of view during performance. Lights on devices are a distraction to those viewing the performance around you. Please be respectful to others.


Sunday June 5th – Dress Rehearsal Schedule
At Libertyville High School

Rehearsal Time Class Description Class Time Instructor Recital Date
1:30 pmPre BalletSaturday 9:15-10:00ShelleyTues, June 7
1:40 pmPre BalletTuesday 4:00-4:45ShelleyThurs, June 9
1:50 pmBALLET/Tap 2-4Tuesday 5:00-6:00ShelleyThurs, June 9
1:50 pmBALLET/Tap 2-3Saturday 12:15-1:00ShelleyThurs, June 9
1:50 pmBALLET/Tap 1-3Monday 5:00-5:45ShelleyTues, June 7
2:10 pmBallet/TAP 2-4Tuesday 5:00-6:00ShelleyThurs, June 9
2:10 pmBallet/TAP 2-3Saturday 12:15-1:00ShelleyThurs, June 9
2:10 pmBallet/TAP 1-3Monday 5:00-5:45ShelleyTues, June 7
2:30-3:00 pmTech BreakStage next 3  
2:30 pmBALLET/Tap 3-4Friday 4:45-5:45ShelleyWed, June 8
2:30 pmBALLET/Tap 3-4Thursday 4:00-5:00ShelleyTues, June 7
2:45 pmJazz/HipHop 1-3Monday 4:00-5:00LindseyTues, June 7
3:30 pmTap Teen/AdultThursday 6:45-7:30MarkWed, June 8
3:45 pmBallet/TAP 3-4Friday 4:45-5:45ShelleyWed, June 8
3:45 pmBallet/TAP 3-4Thursday 4:00-5:00ShelleyTues, June 7
4:15 pmLyrical Int 1/2Thursday 4:00-4:45LindseyThurs, June 9
4:30 pmHip Hop Int 1/2Tuesday 5:00-6:00WesThurs, June 9
4:45 pmJazz/HipHop 3-4Thursday 5:00-6:00LindseyTues, June 7
5:00 pmBallet Int 1/2Tuesday 6:15-7:15ShelleyWed, June 8
5:15 pmForum Starz PetiteLittle BalloonLindseyThurs, June 9
5:30 pmHip Hop 2-4Tuesday 4:00-5:00WesThurs, June 9
5:45 pmHip Hop 3-4Friday 4:00-4:45WesWed, June 8
6:00 pmHip Hop Int 4Tuesday 8:30-9:30WesWed, June 8
6:15 pmLyrical Int 2/3Tuesday 6:15-7:15LindseyThurs, June 9
6:30 pmHip Hop Int 4/5Tuesday 7:30-8:30WesWed, June 8
6:45 pmBallet Int 5Monday 6:15-7:30LindseyThurs, June 9
7:00 pmTap Int 2/3Thursday 4:45-5:45MarkThurs, June 9
7:15 pmBallet Int 4/5Monday 6:15-7:30BrynneTues, June 7
7:30 pmBallet Int 1/2Monday 4:00-5:00BrynneTues, June 7
7:45 pmNext Step TapThursday 8:30-9:00MarkThurs, June 9
8:00 pmBallet Int 2/3Monday 5:00-6:00BrynneWed, June 8
8:15-8:30 pmTech BreakStage next 3  
8:15 pmTap AdvancedThursday 7:30-8:30MarkTues, June 7
8:15 pmLyrical Int 3/4Wednesday 7:15-8:15SineadWed, June 8
8:30 pmLyrical Int 4/5Wednesday 6:00-7:15SineadThurs, June 9
9:00 pmLyrical AdvancedWednesday 8:15-9:30SineadTues, June 7

Monday, June 6th – Dress Rehearsal Schedule
At Libertyville High School

Rehearsal Time Class Description Class Time Instructor Recital Date
3:15 pmBALLET/Tap K-1Thursday 5:00-5:45ShelleyTues, June 7
3:15 pmBALLET/Tap K-1Saturday 11:15-12:00ShelleyTues, June 7
3:15 pmBALLET/Tap K-2Wednesday 4:00-4:45ShelleyWed, June 8
3:35 pmPre-Hip Hop/TapWednesday 4:00-4:45AlyssaTues, June 7
3:50 pmBallet/TAP K-1Thursday 5:00-5:45ShelleyTues, June 7
3:50 pmBallet TAP K-1Saturday 11:15-12:00ShelleyTues, June 7
3:50 pmBallet/TAP K-2Wednesday 4:00-4:45ShelleyWed, June 8
4:10 pmHip Hop 3-5Wednesday 6:15-7:00AlyssaWed, June 8
4:25 pmHip Hop K-2Wednesday 4:45-5:30AlyssaWed, June 8
4:25 pmHip Hop K-2Wednesday 5:30-6:15AlyssaTues, June 7
4:50 pmFootprintsBeautiful Morning Thurs, June 9
5:00 pmPoms 6-8 GradeWednesday 6:00-7:15KeelyWed, June 8
5:15 pmFootprintsDean Town Wed, June 8
5:25 pmPoms 3-5 GradeWednesday 5:00-6:00KeelyThurs, June 9
5:40 pmFootprints Tap EnsembleRoaring Footprints Tues, June 7
6:00 pmCommercial Jazz Int 4/5Saturday 10:00-11:00KatieWed, June 8
6:15 pmCommercial Jazz Int 1/2Saturday 9:00-10:00KatieTues, June 7
6:30 pmCommercial Jazz Int 5/AdvSaturday 11:00-12:00KatieTues, June 7
6:45 pmContemporary Ballet Int 2/3Wednesday 6:00-7:00JulianneTues, June 7
7:00 pmContemporary Int 1/2Wednesday 4:00-4:45JulianneWed, June 8
7:15 pmCommercial Jazz Int 2/3Saturday 12:15-1:15KatieThurs, June 9
7:30 pmContemporary AdvancedMonday 6:15-7:30CatieWed, June 8
7:45 pmContemporary Int 2/3Monday 4:00-5:00CatieWed, June 8
8:00 pmForumQueens RevengeBrentWed, June 8
8:15-8:45pmTech BreakStage next 3  
8:15 pmForum ALLFinale Thurs, June 9
8:30 pmContemporary Int 4/5Monday 5:00-6:15CatieTues, June 7
9:00 pmForumBlind FateCatieTues, June 7

Tuesday, June 7th – Pre Show Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsal Time Class Description Class Time Instructor Recital Date
3:00 pmForum Squad EliteBad GuysWesTues, June 7
3:15 pmTap Int 3/4Thursday 5:45-6:45MarkTues, June 7
3:30 pmForum Squad EliteTrain SetWesTues, June 7
3:45 pmForum Starz IntWildflowersLindseyTues, June 7
4:00 pmHip Hop AdvancedTuesday 6:00-7:00WesTues, June 7
4:15 pmBallet Int 3/4Thursday 7:30-8:45LindseyWed, June 8
4:30 pmForum Starz Petite & IntDon’t Stop Me NowLindseyJune 7,8,9
4:45 pmBallet AdvancedMonday 5:00-6:15LindseyTues, June 7

Wednesday, June 8th – Pre Show Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsal Time Class Description Class Time Instructor Recital Date
3:15 pmBallet Int 4/5Saturday 11:00-12:15KalinaWed, June 8
3:30 pmBallet Int 2/3Saturday 1:15-2:30KalinaWed, June 8
3:45 pmBallet Int 5/AdvSaturday 9:00-10:30KalinaWed, June 8
4:00 pmForum SquadFor My CityWesWed, June 8
4:15 pmForum Squad Jr BlackWesWed, June 8
4:30 pmForum SquadDrop ItWesWed, June 8
4:45 pmHip Hop Int 2/3Friday 4:45-5:45WesWed, June 8

Thursday, June 9th – Pre Show Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsal Time Class Description Class Time Instructor Recital Date
3:00 pmAcroThursday 7:30-8:30JulianneThurs, June 9
3:15 pmContemporary Int 4/5Thursday 6:15-7:30JulianneThurs, June 9
3:30 pmContemporary Ballet Int 4/5Wednesday 4:45-6:00JulianneThurs, June 9
3:45 pmContemporary Ballet AdvWednesday 7:00-8:15JulianneThurs, June 9
4:00 pmForum Squad Jr RedRed KingdomWesThurs, June 9
4:15 pmBallet Int 4/5-AdvTuesday 7:30-8:30LindseyThurs, June 9
4:30 pmForum Squad Jr RedStrongerWesThurs, June 9
4:45 pmPointe 4-AdvTuesday 8:30-9:15LindseyThurs, June 9
5:00 pmHip Hop Int 3/4Friday 6:15-7:15WesThurs, June 9