Becca Snow

Becca Snow has been teaching tap for nearly 17 years after starting her dance training at Talent Forum. She is a former Footprint, having joined the youth ensemble in 1996.

In 2000, Becca became a Rehearsal Director for Footprints during their first year of self-direction, and continued in that role until 2005 before attending college in New York City. While in NYC she joined the professional tap company CPD Plus (Cats Paying Dues) in 2007, directed by Andrew Nemr. Performances with CPD Plus included: a featured residency for BRICLab, Celebrate Brooklyn performing for crowds up 2,000 people, Ecofest at Lincoln Center, MassMOCA, Tap Extravaganza, DUMBO Dance Festival, New York City Tap Festival, a CPD Plus exclusive production of Where the Music Lives, and ringing the NASDAQ Closing Bell in Times Square.

Becca danced alongside Alan Onickel at Lincoln Center in 2010 in a tribute to her mentor Bettye Morrow, protégé of Leslie "Bubba" Gaines (a leading member of the Copasetics). In 2011, Becca was a guest artist for Mark Yonally’s Chicago Tap Theatre’s production of Eyes Without a Face. Most recently, she danced in Rich Ashworth’s Blue Collar Music Box at the Athenaeum Theatre.

Many of the opportunities provided to Becca as a professional tap dancers stemmed from being a member of Footprints and a Talent Forum student. With exposure to different techniques, teachers, and experiences, Footprints provided a unique platform for leadership, development, and support that is rare in the dance-world. The members of Footprints have a wonderful opportunity to see their visions come to life, to explore their creativity, and to push themselves beyond what they thought possible. Becca is excited to be back to help gently guide the young group and provide the same opportunities she had. And look out world, they have some wicked feet.